Modern PRK (also known as Advanced Surface Ablation), uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea and correct vision. PRK to LASIK. The key difference is that no corneal flap is created with PRK. Instead, the epithelium (the tissue covering the front of the cornea) is gently removed and the laser is applied to the outer surface. Like LASIK, PRK is a refractive procedure that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Ullman Eye Consultants uses the latest technology to perform advanced ablations for the best results possible. Multiple scans are taken of the eye prior to your surgery. The Pentacam® AXL tomographer is used to create a 3D model of cornea to look for abnormalities. The iDESIGN Refractive Studio is then used to create custom treatments using topographic and wavefront-guided information. The VISX excimer laser is then used to perform the treatment.


All patients go through rigorous testing to screen for any contraindication to surgery.


Our state of the art facility provides a clean, comfortable, spacious environment for your treatment.


Our staff is dedicated to making your experience excellent.


Our refractive surgeons are board-certified, fellowship-trained anterior segment specialists. Your preop evaluation, surgery and post operative care will always be provided by a your surgeon.  Not a technician, nurse or physician assistant.


Our pricing is fair, transparent, and consistent. There are no ‘upgrades.’

Our Commitment

Is to provide you with the finest Advanced Laser Surface Ablation possible utilizing state-of-the-art technology in a professional, ethical and caring environment.